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Since founding in 1976. Apple Inc. managed to aquire large number of startups and established bussineses. Those were with variable success integrated in their core bussines. Current grand financial and technical status was achieved thru optimisation of production process and brilliant Jobs turn into consumer electronics upon return after exile. Interesting fact here on list bellow is Next computers that were place of exile while he was away that ended integrated into osx and remnants of that are still visible in this operating system. We tried to compile all public available information on these mergers and aquisitions over time.

All Apple mergers and aquisitions

NoDateCompanyBusinessCountry Value (USD)Derived products
1March 2, 1988Network InnovationsSoftwareUnited States
2June 7, 1988Orion Network SystemsSatellite communication systemsUnited States
3June 27, 1988StylewareComputer softwareUnited StatesAppleWorks GS
4July 11, 1988Nashoba SystemsComputer softwareUnited StatesFileMaker
5January 3, 1989Coral SoftwareComputer softwareUnited States
6February 7, 1997NeXTComputer programming servicesUnited StatesUS$404,000,000OS X, iOS
7September 2, 1997Power Computing CorporationClone computersUnited StatesUS$110,000,000
8January 8, 1999Xemplar EducationSoftwareUnited KingdomUS$4,926,000
9November 3, 1999Raycer GraphicsComputer graphic chipsUnited StatesUS$15,000,000
10January 7, 2000NetSelectorInternet softwareUnited States
11April 11, 2000Astarte-DVD Authoring SoftwareSoftwareGermanyDVD Studio Pro
122000 (Q4)SoundJam MPSoftwareUnited StatesiTunes
132001Bluefish LabsProductivity softwareUnited StatesiWork
14May 11, 2001bluebuzzInternet service providerUnited States
15July 9, 2001Spruce TechnologiesGraphics softwareUnited StatesUS$14,900,000DVD Studio Pro
16December 31, 2001PowerSchoolOnline info systems servicesUnited StatesUS$66,100,000PowerSchool
17February 1, 2002Nothing RealSpecial effects softwareUnited StatesUS$15,000,000Shake
18April 4, 2002ZayanteFireWire chips and softwareUnited StatesUS$13,000,000FireWire
19June 11, 2002Silicon Grail Corp-ChaliceDigital effects softwareUnited StatesUS$20,000,000Final Cut Pro
20June 20, 2002Propel SoftwareSoftwareUnited States
21June 21, 2002Prismo GraphicsSpecial-effects titling softwareUnited StatesUS$20,000,000LiveType
22July 1, 2002EmagicMusic production softwareGermanyUS$30,000,000Logic Pro, GarageBand
23March 2005SchemasoftSoftwareCanadaiWork
24April 2005FingerWorksGesture recognition companyUnited StatesiOS
25October 16, 2006Silicon ColorSoftwareUnited StatesColor (Final Cut Studio)
26December 4, 2006ProximitySoftwareAustraliaFinal Cut Server
27April 24, 2008P.A. SemiSemiconductorsUnited StatesUS$278,000,000Apple SOC
28July 7, 2009PlacebaseMapsUnited StatesMaps
29December 6, 2009Lala.comMusic streamingUnited StatesUS$17,000,000iCloud, iTunes Match
30January 5, 2010Quattro WirelessMobile advertisingUnited StatesUS$275,000,000iAd
31April 27, 2010IntrinsitySemiconductorsUnited StatesUS$121,000,000Apple SOC
32April 27, 2010SiriVoice Control SoftwareUnited StatesSiri
33July 14, 2010Poly9Web-based mappingCanadaMaps
34September 20, 2010Polar RoseFace-RecognitionSwedenUS$29,000,000iOS
35September 14, 2010IMSenseHigh Dynamic Range PhotographyUnited KingdomiOS
36August 1, 2011C3 Technologies3D MappingSwedenUS$267,000,000Maps
37December 20, 2011AnobitFlash MemoryIsraelUS$390,000,000iPod, iPhone, iPad
38February 23, 2012ChompApp search engineUnited StatesUS$50,000,000App Store
39June 2, 2012RedmaticaAudioItalyLogic Pro
40July 27, 2012AuthenTecPC and Mobile security productsUnited StatesUS$356,000,000Touch ID
41September 27, 2012ParticleHTML5 web app firmUnited StatesiCloud, iAd
422013Novauris TechnologiesSpeech recognitionUnited KingdomSiri
43March 23, 2013WiFiSlamIndoor locationUnited StatesUS$20,000,000Maps
44July 19, 2013LocationaryMapsCanadaMaps
45July 19, 2013HopStop.comMapsUnited StatesMaps
46August 1, 2013Passif SemiconductorSemiconductorsUnited States
47August 13, 2013MatchaMedia discovery appUnited States
48August 22, 2013EmbarkMapsUnited StatesMaps
49August 28, 2013AlgoTrimData CompressionSweden
50October 3, 2013CuePersonal assistantUnited StatesUS$50,000,000
51November 24, 2013PrimeSenseSemiconductorsIsraelUS$345,000,000
52December 2, 2013TopsyAnalyticsUnited StatesUS$200,000,000
53December 23, 2013BroadMapMapsUnited StatesMaps
54December 23, 2013Catch.comSoftwareUnited States
55January 4, 2014SnappyLabsPhotography SoftwareUnited StatesCamera
56February 21, 2014BurstlySoftwareUnited StatesApp Testing and Distribution
57May 2, 2014LuxVue TechnologymicroLED DisplaysUnited States
58June 6, 2014SpotsetterSocial search engineUnited StatesMaps
59June 29, 2014SwellMusic streamingUnited StatesUS$30,000,000 iTunes
60June 29, 2014BookLampSoftwareUnited StatesiBooks
61August 1, 2014Beats ElectronicsHeadphones, Music streaming Ā«Beats MusicĀ»United StatesUS$3,000,000,000iPhone, iTunes