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Iphone 6 and plus devices presented 9.9.2014 on Apple keynote presentation are marking again further distancing from Jobs legacy.

To remember history lesson in period when Steve was ousted from company Apple managed to make whole mess from its retail line.

They were over extended with huge number of variations just like PC industry it lost its foothold and all of its products perfection. And so came in hardware problems and different technical issues were rampant. This almost dragged Apple under, and this went on until company decided to bring Jobs back.

First, i will repeat this, first thing he did was reduce that retail line to managable list. One product with few options per product line.

Now we see Apple is repeating history, good thing is that this time they really have "some" financial backing behind them but mistake is nevertheless present again.

Tim Cook as current CEO has decided to run from "Apple knows what customers want" way policy and escape in safety of "multiple choices for customers" way. How ever, if this move would be safety for almost every company in this world, it is not safe haven for Apple. So, when someone said, not big enough, iphone 6 plus was born. Beautifull thing but maybe bit under in design and feature from previous incarnations. As it turns out not entirely without surprises.

Bendagate Affair 2014 bendyphone?

iphone 6 bendgate

In first few days of sale more than 10 mil. devices were sold. In previous iteration iphone 5 was smaller and also seems more rigid than iphone6 plus. As more and more people are joining in today this went viral. Iphone 6 plus is bendable, also not that great force is required to achieve this. Alsu it is unfortunate that restoring it in straight form ussually breaks aluminium case and screen.

At first we tought it would happen to all large screened phones but soon youtube demonstrated what it means to go viral. Here we have same nice guy with same if not even more strenghth and samsung galaxy note 3 device. Same bend test and it stands it's groud. I am sure more models will follow.

Solutions for antibend.

First of all, we are not judgemental. This is not that big mistake, only trouble for apple lies in it's own efficiency.

They simply sold lots and lots of these very fast with someone being over confident in, lets say, stress tests. Or wrong number was inputed from smaller model and now we can only speculate what will Tim do. It seems that some structural integrity is needed where buttons lie and some rigid hard surface bellow cover will fix this. However problem lies in 10 milion devices already out.

Far fetched conspiracy theory i have seen somewhere already is that this is why Apple did not go for water/dust proofness. Like idea was all along to introduce new full cover cases resistant to anything from atomic blast to solar flare. All this protection would come in few millimeters of "transparent thick sapphire full clamp waterproof case". That would be classy, and giving these to folks who bought this device and option to buy it for future owners. That would be great PR for Apple and also added benefit would be new product line, iProtect iPhone Plus. Other options will be to include some tough titanium sticker for back surface, with custom design options, offcourse. Or even some carbon fiber back shell to add some structure. Safest way to prevent bending would be this:

Conclusion, will it bend?

bendgate solved anti-bend solution

Whatever future will bring i am sure it is exciting right now in some Apple offices. Rumor is there will be even free cases, 10 milion or more of them. This might after a while become first device from this premium brand that will loose value fast on aftermarket, unless it becomes collectable of it's own. Apple as company has a lot of smart brainy people and i am sure they will crunch some numbers and solve this somehow. We wish good luck to them and their customers. Also hope solution will be brilliant in Apple style. Maybe even you are sitting wrong.
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